Traveling is a way of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures , so what are you waiting for?Most people will say they don’t have the money but will spend over 200 bucks on a concert or 1000 dollars on a bag.The same way you spend money on those expensive items you can put down as a deposit for a cruise or even  go to thailand for under $1000(shown in my previous post.


THAILAND was my number one place on my bucket listIMG_9198

I always dreamed of Thailand which is where I am at shown above . Create a list of your top 10 places you want to go .Below is mine

1)AFRICA         4)BORA BORA                      7)ICELAND

2)GREECE        5)MALDIVES                         8)TOKOYO

3)DUBAI            6)EXUMA(BAHAMAS)       9)LONDON   10)PARIS

Below is SKY PARK in Singapore which was  the next place I dreamed of going to.


Take out a day to sit and create a bucket list which is so important. I wrote a bucket list in  my iPhone notes years ago and I still have it until this day.


Before going anywhere you have to research the weather such as if its rain season ,hurricane season or dessert storms depending on which country you choose. For Thailand I went in May which was rain season .I loved the fact that Thailand  only rains for a few minutes then the sun would comes out for the rest of the day, also it felt good that the rain broke up the humidity. You must also search if the country takes USD or even credit cards in Shanghai I was stuck in a bind of not having that much yen and rarely any where took cards.


Not everyone could afford a trip with in weeks thats why I say plan a trip months to a year ahead the further away you plan the cheaper the trip is and you give your self time to book things off little by little.The plane ticket is your number one priority I assure you , you can always find a hotel but you got to catch a plan ticket while its cheap because that goes up .



BOOKIT.COM is you best friend because you could book a hotel and not pay until you reach your destination .

Find a TRAVELGROUP it’s always best to talk to people who already been to a destination which is why I give out tips to save you the mistakes I make. I follow a melanin globe travel group on Facebook .

GROUPON is also the perfect source to use it has flight hotel and even itinerary included so that saves the hassle of planning a trip .

OTHER SITES:    Just   Airbnb    hostels






To conclude all of my tips are from my personal experience.I hope to inspire my readers to travel affordable  and open your horizons.There is a whole world waiting for you. Some people say millennials can’t travel or wait until you retire,I say the world is yours now.Whether you are in college or at a under paid job utilize resources or plan a trip a year from now.The same artist you spend money on to see in concert you can be listening to that same song on a beach in Phi Phi island.