The Fashion  Industry is very tuff heres some tips to help you get your foot in the door.Utilizing them can even get you in to Fashion Week.


    Top right and left was my very first fashion showroom internship at BPCM Showroom.Interning at a fashion pr showroom gives you the perfect in site of the industry. The showrooms provides the garments to stylist,magazines, artist etc for which ever designer they are representing and they even coordinate the designer show for fashion week. Is interning glitz and glam no;it can be ruff because everything is timing where there is no room for error but it is the best place to be around something you love and you really see the way shows work. I discovered  showrooms from my first internship with wardrobe stylist Rene Lou Padora who would send me to pick up garments for Kanye West at the time.

  The second picture left and right was me volunteering at couture fashion week and the picture to the right was ISIS KING  from America’s Top Model. I was head usher at the time but it gave me the opportunity to be around something I love fashion ,the runway and networking with like minded people.

Most people get internships through fashion school but I simple got mine by personally emailing  who I was and how much I wanted to work in fashion.The key to success is consistency ,confidence and being able to articulate yourself. Side note I actually got fired from one fashion showroom internship(which i will leave nameless)  because the head of interns was being  a mean bully and fired me when I stood up for myself .I remember her purposely firing me in the middle of fashion week which made it super hard to get a internship so in the middle of fashion week.  I found another internship  handing out fliers in front of Lincoln Center which made me more determine than ever to get in the  shows on my own I will keep that particular showroom anonymous  but it was my last time I  ever interned which leads to tip 2 (That particular showroom was my only bad experience . Interning for BPCM showroom,wardrobe stylist Rene Lou Padora and volunteering for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week was a great experience and you get to see the shows working in the showrooms first hand and for free.




My first blog was on a free site named blog spot.When I first started blogging it was in the beginning era when the industry finally realized you don’t have to be a magazine to be good press but instead bloggers is the future. I started “Gilded Glam Society “started writing about up and coming designers and I personal utilized my showroom experience to promote myself which is why interning and volunteering is important to perfect your craft. Once you feel comfortable enough invest in  a really good site such as word press which I’m loving because it has its own community. Top picture was the same girl who was outside the previous year handing out fliers feeling broken from being fired, living her dream being invited to fashion week as  press the next year. Never give up its always good to remember where you been to bring you forward of where you going.THE SKY IS NO LONGER A LIMIT!Above bottom picture was me meeting vogue at large editor Andre Leon Talley at Stephen Burrows show.




One way to network is by going to blogger conference. Above is me and Joe zee from ELLE magazine  at the time that was one of the speakers at independent fashion bloggers  conference in NYC that I attended. Look up blogger groups because sharing is caring which is why I give away fashion tickets to help other bloggers til this day .

LINKEDIN is the perfect networking site it connects you with other professional individuals that is in the same industry. Go  on vista print.com and print out business cards for cheap. Branding  yourself and handing  out cards at events is the perfect networking tool.



To conclude interning for a fashion pr showroom,stylist or  even a fashion designer is what I highly recommend  to get your foot in the door.Volunteer to be a usher at the shows that way you never know who you meet and can network with. Start your blog to get exposure and go to the shows as press.Network with other bloggers and go to blogger conference.