IMG_1329            Traveling is good for your soul. You do not  need to pay 1000 dollars on a round trip  ticket to Thailand. My round trip ticket was $675  and it would have  been cheaper had I booked it earlier so heres some tips that can help you save and not make the same mistakes:


I  booked  my flight through cheapoair. Be advised  when you book an international flight especially from cheapoair make sure your full name matches the passport or they will charge you over $100 to change it and rebook your entire flight I learned that the hard way forgetting to put my middle name. My original flight was around 500 but I made that error which I had to book a totally different flight unfortunately. My airline was China Eastern and the flight was 20 hrs with a layover in Shanghai then another 5 hours to Thailand.

The best thing to do is book a round trip then buy cheap asian airlines to travel around different places. (sidenote I went to Singapore aswell ) Bangkok and Phuket  are on two different sides of the country. I used  Viejet airlines .You can take a train from Bangkok to Phuket but its longer. I preferred flying but its your discretion. Some asian airlines  require 7 kg carry on weight unlike  american 10 kg ). Make sure you book  your carry on luggage online because if you check bags in person it is about 50 bucks for that one  bag versus under 30.

VIETJET AIR  was a small airplane  and the seats were very tight lucky for me the flight was short and the plane ticket was 30 bucks.


CHINA EASTERN AIRLINE  was not bad at all I flew economy and it was not as much of a nightmare as I thought it would be. My height is around 5/9 and the journey was not that difficult .Most of the meals consisted of noodles or chicken with rice a fruit salad or a fruit.The food taste OK ; however make sure you eat anytime food is distributed other wise you will be waiting a while to eat. The staff was friendly and the bathrooms was very decent which was my biggest fear.The plane had  plenty of entertainment such as music ( the weekend , drake,Hasley etc) to movies which was a great selection from ant man to even avengers and so on. I downloaded movies on netflix but i did not need to use it much.I prefer window seats and if  you are booking try to get the two seaters it is even better but towards the back of the plane


I stayed at TRAVElODGE hotel in Bangkok which was 20 a night sharing with a friend so less then.This hotel included access to a nice sky pool and it was right in the heart of everything.

The next hotel I stayed in Phucket was ASPERY HOTEL which included a really good breakfast but I was  not a big fan of how the hotel was in a alley and the bathroom was not the best.

The last hotel was THE COTTAGE  which was beautiful and came with a nice balcony and access to a pool  for 25 a night including breakfast



I brought 300 usd worth of baht which  gave me a round 5000 and keep in mind everything there is 100 bahts and the cab rides is 300 bahts . Everything is super cheap once you reach and you can bargin the price for everything.

The best thing to do is book your trips months way ahead I’m not saying to book a trip next week and you will find something cheap.I booked my trip in February for may and everything I saw flights 500 -600 had i booked January i could of had a flight for as low as 494.One more thins with cheapoair the prices go up and down and sometimes it waits to the end to tell you it was sold old but they really do have good prices .Other sites you can se is expedia , groupon or just fly.

In conclusion I  hope this information helps you. Good luck with your trips and stay tuned to more travel with me .