The first step to traveling the world is creating a bucket list of places to go.I have always loved experiencing different cultures and nice views.Remember book months ahead of trips that way you can save in time.My favorite airline is JET BLUE ,they normally have deals I found a plan ticket to Bermuda for $79.One more tip airlines normally have cheaper prices Wednesdays .

My three sources I use for traveling is


Groupon is a great way to save because you can book a flight and hotel all in one .I have previously booked a deal for Dominican Republic in Puerto Plata using groupon ย and I highly recommend it.I booked a all inclusive resort for 4 days which came out to under $500.



AIRBNB is my favorite source to use because I find it very affordable then most hotels.For example Bermuda is very expensive where hotels is as low as $200 a night to as high as $500 per night which is way to high of living unless you can really afford that then kudos to you.I have used Airbnb for 3 of my trips Mexico,Puerto Rico and Bermuda.I usually book where you get the entire home but theres also options to book a room ย in your ย host apartment. The main picture was a sky pool that was included free access with my airbnb.



Carnival cruises is very cheap.If you never traveled then you might find cruises to save even more money the food is included you don’t have to pay it all at once you can actually pay increments. My mom who is 58 years old is not much of a traveler so I decided to book a 7 day cruises that visited different islands that way we traveled and theres lots of fun on the boat until you reach your destination. I also previously used carnival cruise for atlantis Bahamas.The very top picture with the pirates of Caribbean statue was St Maarten one of four islands visited from the 7 day cruise.