I am a big airbnb advocate so it is no suprise I booked a 2 bedroom condo for a girls trip with my mom.The good news is the condo came with breathtaking views on a balcony ;the bad news is I didn’t want to leave the  apartment .This was located in isla verde not to far from the airport and it beat paying for expensive hotels near by.You can travel the world utilizing airbnb and groupon which is very budget friendly not to mention Jet Blue which is my favorite airline has great deals.

The food in Puerto Rico is so authentic I went to El Alambique and indulged in octopus salad ,coconut rice,fish and some amazing wings.I also  had mofongo wish is a tradition dish IN PUERTO RICO.

Bacardi also known as Puerto Rican rum is one of my favorite so for my bday I booked the rum tasting tour in the Bacardi factory .I did the history tour which a free drink was included with it . There is plenty of rainforest and activities to do but I was only there for a short time before I went on my cruise and this was what I choose to do for a small amount of time.

The beaches is nice the condo i booked had private access to the beach and a basket ball court which is isla verde in the carolinas .The area is a huge tourist attraction and has a rite aide right in the same area. Be advised the cab fares is very expensive and there is a  charge per bag in cabs .So if you do plan on going I recommend a Air B N B that will save you lots versus the expensive overpriced hotels.