GILDED GLAM SOCIETY  was established FEBRUARY 14 TH 2010. The name gilded came from the definition of the word “GILDED” meaning of a gold material and an illusion.My style and life style is gilded because everything that glitters is not gold so my style looks expensive but it is very cheap causing an illusion.The glam part came from me being inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons book “life in the fab lane”where she referred to herself as a glamazon. The word glam stuck with me . 

I wanted my  blog name to be unique and not have a basic name which birthed GILDED GLAM SOCIETY. Today marks my 9th anniversary of my brand and to celebrate I debuted my apparel look book of  my sweat shirt/dress and my tank top.

Above is different ways to style GILDED GLAM SOCITY apparel but my favorite is the thigh high socks look with the gold heels. My second favorite look is the tank top with the h&m leather pants and biker jacket with the gold sleeves.

GILDED GLAM SOCIETY  is BUDGET FRIENDLY FASHION,TRAVEL AND EAT GUIDE. I have been blogging for 9 years and never gave up and now I am finally adding something I always wanted to do which is fashion design. Do everything your heart desires. Working for kanye west stylist Rene lou padora gave me opportunity to be the person I am today “WANT IT GET IT,BETTER YET LIVE IT.”