BERMUDA is one of the most beautiful islands that I have been to. Yes there is such A thing as Bermuda triangle but Did you know the other part of the triangle is connected to Puerto Rico and florida so don’t let that scare you from going.The flight is only two hours and fifteen minutes from NYC and it will cost you an easy 300 bucks round trip and around 200 if you go in MAY for Bermuda day which is the islands holiday. Allot of people go on a cruise to visit Bermuda because the hotels are very expensive and can run for 200 a day .I have family in bermuda being that my dad is from there but i still prefer to stay on my own so i booked a studio apartment via AIR BNB for 3 days only costing $392. I have had no bad experiences with AIR BNB and have had really great host fortunately. Im not big in to sharing an apartment or renting a room from airbnb I usually rent an apartment for a good price .


The food is so fresh especially the seafood .Salmon is a really good fish and I eat it allot in the states but if you go to Bermuda I encourage you to try WAHOO. Wahoo is an amazing meaty fish which I have a picture of it shown above with the bake potato.Another Item to try is the JERK POPCORN it is not as spicy as jerk chicken and its a amazing combination with popcorn made with dry seasoning .The pesto pasta I had shown above was from the infamous restaurant called FLANAGAN’S ON FRONT STREET. On vacations the first thing  I want is a nice view and cocktail try Bermuda’s signature drink BERMUDA RUM SWIZZLE.


When i first went to Bermuda I did not know how to swim but at the same time I enjoyed  being in such beautiful clear water and enjoying Bermudas pink sand beaches.I rented out a HYRDRO BIKE which was under 30 bucks and allowed me to ride a bike on the water and enjoy the sea turtles heads popping up.Bermuda also has a natural cave called crystal caves that you should check out .I took nice pictures in the white bathing suit shown above at HORSESHOE BAY  but I would say that beach is not good for people that can’t swim  the waves were strong and knocked me over a few times .Favorite beach is SNORKEL PARK ,If you go in the summer they have bon fires on the beach at night .Snorkel park is where I was pictured at in the picture with the black bathing suit that says “ISLAND VIBES”.The beach also has a bar/restaraunt  and it is a 10 dollar  cover charge but its worth it and located in dockyard .The Bermuda aquarium is nice to check out you can get very close with the sea lions.In JUNE i went to Bermudas 2nd year of having carnival. I played mask with Cold Red Bermuda and had an amazing safe time the costume was around  300 which included food ,fanny pack ,book bag and drinks on the road to cool you off. One more place i recommend is TOBACCO BAY BEACH it has low tides and a beach bar swell.